Special Projects

Special Projects!

Seasonal Cleaning / Deep Clean

Our Team is here to help you with your Special Project cleaning needs. Whether it is clean up after a home restoration project, a move in/ move out cleaning, or deep Cleaning….you can count on us!

Maybe your home is already tidy, but you need some more in-depth cleaning done. Here are some extra services that we offer to an already “well-kept” home….

Clean, sanitize, or organize refrigerators
Clean, defrost and reorganize freezer (something that most dread doing, but we’ll gladly take on the job!)
Clean oven interior
Clean above cabinets and tops of cabinet doors
Clean walls
Wash out and disinfect wastebaskets/garbage cans
Clean exhaust fan and hood above stove
Clean and reorganize kitchen cabinet interiors
Wash door frames, windowsills
Clean under the stove top (beneath burners), scrub drip pans
Clean ceiling fans thoroughly
Polish silver
Turn mattresses
Clean all windows and glass doors (inside, outside, or both)
Move furniture to clean under and behind
Vacuum/clean heating vents
Wash baseboards
Clean/reorganize attics, basements, or garages
For Child play areas, we will make sure their toys are neat and sanitized!                   

We also specialize in move out cleanings and commercial property cleanings! Contact us today for more details!                 


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